June 26, 2007

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Mazatrol Matrix Support Available in Griffo Brothers’ CamLink™ Software

CORVALLIS, Oregon – Griffo Brothers Inc. takes conversational programming to a new level with the addition of Mazatrol Matrix support in its CamLink software product line.

Mazak users invested in the Matrix control can now take advantage of CamLink’s powerful, time-saving features that allow more control over the machine tools and increased efficiency in the shop. Support is available for the Matrix M, Matrix T, Matrix MT and Matrix ME controls.
CamLink supports the Mazatrol Matrix control in its GB\DataTransfer, GB\DataPrint, GB\DataEntry, and GB\GeoEntry software programs.

GB\DataEntry, for example, allows Matrix users to accelerate the programming process by moving it offline. Users can efficiently program in Mazatrol at their PC and take advantage of the Matrix’s improved functions including pocket milling with multiple islands and B-axis indexing for lathes. In addition, users can check their programs for accuracy, and highlight potential, costly errors before parts are manufactured on the shop floor.

GB\DataEntry also utilizes a specialty Graphics Check feature called ShapeCheck, which allows users to view the part shape in a 3D surface model or wire frame, rotate the part shape, and set the transparency level. In addition, with a single mouse click, users can select from a unit list, view the selected unit on-screen, and see the corresponding Mazatrol code highlighted in the program.

SolidWorks® users can also enjoy the added benefits of Matrix support with Griffo Brothers’ GB\GeoSolid software, which combines the power of Mazatrol with the solids capabilities of SolidWorks®. As a result, programming time is reduced and errors are eliminated by using the solids data already contained in the SolidWorks model.

In addition to offline programming, graphics check functions, and geometry extraction support for the Mazak Matrix control, CamLink offers the ability to print Mazatrol programs offline (including support information such as Tool Data, Setup, Layout and TPC), and upload and download programs between the machine tool and PC for improved data storage.

The leader in software solutions for Mazatrol since 1984, Griffo Brothers Inc. continues to take offline programming for Mazatrol to new levels. To learn more about CamLink and the Mazak Matrix control, contact Griffo Brothers Inc. direct at 541.758.8421 or visit them online at www.griffobros.com.