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NEW - GB\DataEntry MT Editor


NEW! - Program Fusion 640MT with GB\DataEntry MT


Corvallis, OR - Griffo Brothers, Inc has just released a new product, GB\DataEntry MT, which will allow shop programmers to combine their powerful Fusion 640MT machines with Griffo Brothers’ CamLink software.


Griffo Brothers has been providing shops with programming solutions for their Mazatrol programming since 1984. Created for Mazak Users, by Mazak Users, CamLink is the world’s most complete offline solution for Mazatrol. Its unique building block system allows shops to purchase programs to fit their situation and add on as needed.


GB\DataEntry MT adds to the CamLink line of software allowing its users to create new Mazatrol programs and edit existing programs away from the machine at a PC. GB\DataEntry MT adds to GB\DataTransfer and GB\DataPrint MT, already available for the 640MT machine.


“The DataEntry MT program gives the 640MT user the ability to get the most out of their machine,” says Mark Matsler, President of Griffo Brothers Inc. “With CamLink’s MT products our customers save time and money.”


CamLink saves its users time and money because their machines are in production mode full-time. Programs are created on a PC, not at the machine, and the programmer’s PC can be located in an area away from the distractions and noise of a shop floor.


GB\DataEntry MT has all the familiar prompts and fields, and the ability to mouse-click for making on-the-fly changes which accelerates the programming process. Additionally, GB\DataEntry MT includes the Drag and Drop feature. Drag and Drop allows programmers to edit by moving units from one work number to another.


The Fusion 640MT and CamLink’s GB\DataTransfer, GB\DataPrint and GB\DataEntry MT programs are the right combination for increased ability, flexibility and efficiency. 

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